Yoga:  A complete system for physical, mental and social development.

Beginners:  A gentle yoga practice for flexibility and strength.

Yin: A restorative floor-based sequence using bolsters focused on healing the energies of the mind and body.

Yin/Yang: A blend of held moderate poses balanced with passive restorative yoga poses.

Hatha Flow: Moderate poses in a flow sequence using breath-awareness for flexibility and balance.

Restorative: Floor-based sequence using bolsters and blankets to open the body through passive stretching.

Osteo Inspired:  Learn to breathe, move and feel the body focusing on releasing tightness or stress.

Meditation:  A basic guide on ‘how’ to meditate using breathing techniques, guided visualisations, yoga nidra and mindfulness.

All classes 60min unless stated. 
NO bookings needed
Eftpos available

Casual Class — $19
Weekly Pass — $27
5 Class Pass — $85
1 Month Unlimited — $108