Jeanette Hargreaves has always maintained her personal passion for physical fitness and well being. Believing a positive mind and determination to seek lasting happiness. To be happy now not when. Living in gratitude for her teachers and life experiences. Jen  traveled to the Kullu Valley deep into the Himalayas then again to Rishikesh to complete her 500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training. Completed 50 hour Yin module with Truth Robinson. Deciding to teach yoga and meditation ten years ago to bring balance, clarity and inspiration to herself and others. Her Hatha Vinyasa Flow is dynamic yet restorative bringing the balance of Yin and Yang to her classes. She has also studied energy work with Reiki 1 & 2 certificate and now a Reiki Master providing spiritual space for others to connect and heal the body/mind. A Chakra Balancing session using sound vibration with Tibetan bowls coloured lights and aromatherapy to promote healing subtle energies of the self. After many years of making discoveries about alternative healing methods and the holistic approach to physical, mental, spiritual and emotional issues, I have come to understand that they are all intertwined. She believes Yoga and Meditation are the key to happiness. I am Mariana and I have always been passionate about life and everything related to nature, music, dance, body movement, arts and wellbeing in general. Approximately 12 years ago I fell in love with Yoga and its beautiful world. It was 2010 when I continued my journey completing my 200 hours of Yoga Certificate in Brazil and 5 years later again in Australia. In 2015 my dream of becoming a Yoga Instructor came true in this amazing paradise Gold Coast. Trained in the style of Vinyasa Flow, my classes focus on organically aligned movement and integrated breathing. Pranayamas, essential oils, mantras and sound healing are also part of my sessions to help the integration between the sacred body and powerful mind. I feel so happy sharing the philosophy of Yoga through which I have met wonderful people, from masters to students. With Yoga, I have also met a new version of myself. Yoga brings me into a state of awareness where I feel the freedom to be who I am. Every practice becomes a prayer of gratitude, spoken gracefully through each breath I take.  

Daniel Tirado Ferreira loves the salty water, believes in food as a medicine and teaches yoga with all his heart.

Beyond being a dedicated yogi for many years, he has completed his Yoga Teacher Training in Australia and has continued his education in Yoga for Kids and Families, which has inspired him to create the “High Five Kids Yoga”.

Through fun and playful games, Daniel’s Yoga classes are made to improve coordination, balance and concentration.

He is incredibly passionate about kids and above all, he encourages generosity, compassion and respect.

With a sensitive soul and a creative mind Daniel guides meditation that helps to relax and reduce stress.

His mission is to spread the love!

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